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How CareSense works

CareSense is a digital care navigation and data collection system

Patient Communication

Through automated phone calls, text messages, emails, and app notifications, patients receive alerts, answer questions, and learn about their condition

Data Collection

Touch screen devices at the hospital or office are given to patients to collect patient reported outcomes, satisfaction data, and marketing information


Clinicians can track patient progress, receive alerts about potential patient problems, and adjust care accordingly


Outcomes results, compliance data, patient status, and other data can be accessed by clinicians and administrators for review and action

Patient Benefits

CareSense keeps patients engaged outside of the hospital or office

Reduce Missed Appointments

Send reminders to patients the day before appointments

Lower Surgical Cancellations

Ensure that patients are completing all of the proper steps required for surgery

Increase Compliance

Remind patients to take medications, conduct exercises, arrange transportation, etc. Send alerts to loved ones to help with the care process

Enhance Patient Education

Send custom physician videos and daily educational emails to patients to improve education

Improve Satisfaction

Automatically check with patients to improve care outside of the office

Clinician Benefits

CareSense saves healthcare organizations time and money

Save time

Automated patient contact means the staff can focus on other important tasks

Reduce readmissions

Care Navigators are alerted when patients report signs of readmission

Track outcomes

CareSense has a powerful set of data collection and analysis tools to capture PROs

Lower PAC costs

Track patients post-discharge, send therapy videos, and communicate with PAC clinicians directly

Prepare for CJR

CareSense was built specifically to help healthcare organizations adapt to the complex world of bundled payments

Are you prepared for CJR?

CareSense was built to help healthcare organizations adapt to the complex world of bundled payments

Care Standardization

According to a 2015 Health Care Advisory Board survey of hospital CFOs, clinical standardization is the single largest source of a hospital's cost containment opportunity. Through CareSense, healthcare organizations will be able to standardize the care pathways that every total hip and total knee patient goes through.

Care Navigation

Once low cost, high quality care protocols have been defined, it is important to establish a care navigation strategy to ensure that the protocols are adhered to. By leveraging CareSense, your care navigators will be able to care for a larger number of patients in a smaller amount of time.

Care Coordination

Succeeding with bundled payments is a team effort. CareSense puts everyone - doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. - on the same page to lower costs. Specific care coordination includes:
  • Send the proper exercise videos to patients for home rehab
  • Transfer messages from PAC facilities to surgeons and care navigators
  • Alert the entire care team about potential readmission symptoms for immediate response and resolution


This is a small sample of screenshots from CareSense

Data Collection

CareSense makes data collection easy

Patient Reported Outcomes

CareSense has over 100 standard PRO forms to choose from. This data can be used to satisfy bundled payment requirements, negotiate with insurers, measure the effectiveness of new treatments, benchmark against peers, and assess quality of care.

Patient Satisfaction

Through CareSense, healthcare organizations can capture valuable real-time patient satisfaction data. This information can be used to increase HCAHPS scores, identify service areas that need improvement, evaluate new initiatives, and recognize dissatisfied patients in order to address their concerns.

Marketing Data

Information such as patient research habits, advertising exposure, demographics and referral sources can be gathered through CareSense to help grow patient volume more effectively.


CareSense can be customized to handle the data collection requirements of almost any study protocol, and can be used without distracting facility staff from core responsibilities. In addition, the system offers a number of sophisticated reports, queries, and tools to analyze the data once it is collected.

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